Spring Cleaning

It should all be so simple, yet here I am. Here I am explaining myself & scrambling about like the little fool I have become. More like the monster I have become. My fangs show more than my smile, my horns more than my halo & my darkness more than my light. All of which have been easier to hide previously up until now. Well now? Now they consume my every thought. My mistakes have overgrown my triumphs with weeds of every poisonous kind. In fact, my garden rarely feels the sun these days. Only I held the key that would allow entrance into clarity, but I seem to have misplaced it. Either that or I have forgotten its whereabouts deep within me, a place that is sure to be covered in dust & webs at this point.

However, the birds are singing & the trees are blooming, perfect indications that spring is coming. A time for cleaning. I shall mend to my garden, clean away the filth & find that damn key. For just like the seasons, this too shall pass.

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