Odd Existence

Lost yet so exhilarated. I don’t ever know what tomorrow holds, nor do i want to sometimes. Life is bitter sweet. Breath. Inhale slow & exhale slower. This is real. I am real. Or am I?

What an odd thing it is to exist, an even odder thing to define REALity. Each breath I take makes me think I am alive, but then again, my dreams make me feel even more so. Am I dreaming now? Impossible. Highly improbable? Yet Oh so believable!

I feel days slipping between my fingertips & minutes collapsing as I blink. What is happening? Here the weekend is, *blinks* & there the weekend goes. Stay a while wont you? Always in a rush when all we’d like to do  is sit under the stars & catch up.

Souls intertwining, souls unwinding- i feel these vibrations each day. Absorbing all energies, dark & light alike. Some stay longer than welcomed, others I invite in with love. Getting stronger each day & honestly, it takes practice. You can do it though. You can do anything.

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