The Sad Girl with the Long Hair

I did it. I cut it all off. I finally realized I kept it all these years for you, when all I really wanted was to shed the extra weight. The extra weight that began to burden my entire being. Cutting it off freed me. It freed me from my dark thoughts, but most importantly it freed me from you. It was the unspoken thread that held us together & now that it’s gone what is there to tie the broken pieces of us back together with? It defined me, but the me that was “me” when I was with you. And now? Now it defines me and only me.

Who knows……perhaps one day, when it’s long again….I will run my fingers through it & not a single memory of you will cross my mind.


Yesterday I wanted you, but today I value me.

I once wanted to be one, but now I want to be free.

At noon I believed only in the birds & the trees, but that’s changed about ten times since three.

Waking up as one person, falling asleep as another.

Who am I really is all I want to discover.

Am I one with the universe or is it all a hoax?

It is hard to know what’s real when your’e surrounded by small-minded folks.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry the world turned you into a monster & I was too late to save you,

but you gotta hold on to those good things that make you.

I’m sorry for a lot, it is all so surreal,

but I will never apologize for making you feel.


Note to Self:

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You can accomplish anything & everything.

You will make a difference in this world.

You will un-become anything that isn’t really you & become everything that is.

You will grow & elevate unapologetically.

Change is good; Life is change.

Keep Changing.


Drunk Gibberish

Cyber space rules all, as we post on our way to spend fake paper at the mall.

“Make a vid”, “take a pic”, “FUCK THAT SHIT“.

Oblivious starter kit.

Naive, self righteous & one-sided, that’s what we’ve become.

Can we re-elect? Can we get a re-run?

Conditioned with fake ideals, but this false sense of living is what kills!



Spring Cleaning

It should all be so simple, yet here I am. Here I am explaining myself & scrambling about like the little fool I have become. More like the monster I have become. My fangs show more than my smile, my horns more than my halo & my darkness more than my light. All of which have been easier to hide previously up until now. Well now? Now they consume my every thought. My mistakes have overgrown my triumphs with weeds of every poisonous kind. In fact, my garden rarely feels the sun these days. Only I held the key that would allow entrance into clarity, but I seem to have misplaced it. Either that or I have forgotten its whereabouts deep within me, a place that is sure to be covered in dust & webs at this point.

However, the birds are singing & the trees are blooming, perfect indications that spring is coming. A time for cleaning. I shall mend to my garden, clean away the filth & find that damn key. For just like the seasons, this too shall pass.

Friend or Foe?

Failing, falling, gasping, heaving.

Winning, flying, sailing, breathing.

Unable to find a balance amidst this ever changing weather, back & forth I continue to tether. Am I in love with the world or is it an enemy?

Cause one day it hates me & the next it’s befriending me.